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Welcome to Christian Life Journey

Christian Life Journey (CLJ) walks on the Way of Jesus.  See more photos for registered members.

CLJ is an online community where people join Online Worship, Online Bible Reading and Study, Online Prayer, and Journey Through Life Lessons and Life Skills.  Visitors can share life experiences, stories, and life information that may be beneficial to all those who visit CLJ website.

Life experiences may include personal experiences at home, work places, Christian mission, community services, hospitals, and loss of beloved ones; worship experiences, leadership experiences, prayer experiences, people skills, volunteer works, and healing; and other meaningful experiences.  Stories may include but not limited to your own stories, book readings, devotionals, and various topics that address life, death, new starts, the power of rest and leadership skills.  Life information may include those that address life skills, job skills, computer skills, computer-related topics, web hosting and services, shopping at stores, online shopping, house rental, apartments for rent, school-related issues and ideas, and practical ideas that actually help others deal with issues and situations.

Walking with Jesus in our life journey, CLJ invites you to post your life experiences, stories, and life information while you may find something useful for your need here.  Create your account.  As a registered user, you may have access to posting message on CLJ forum and blogs, viewing photos available to registered users, and posting your response to posted articles.  To regular contributors, we express our genuine appreciation for their contributions to CLJ.

The steps to create your account:

  • Click the sign-up button above, the link on the left, or click here.
  • Create your own username and password.  (Note: Use actual name and active email address. Accounts and topics submitted by fake names will no longer be available.  Your login information may be used only for communication between you and CLJ. )
  • An activation link is sent to the e-mail address you entered.
  • Activate the account when you get the e-mail before you can log in.

A Friendly Warning Note!Please note that any unhealthy use of this website is prohibited and thus unhealthy content will be removed immediately to keep this CLJ website healthy, safe, and enjoyable.  Thank you for your cooperation.

This site is under construction.


Home - Genuine Rest

Genuine Rest in Your Life Journey: Take a moment to look at ourselves standing on the photo, the Way of Jesus.  As we stand at the start line of the way, everything right before us seems wide and easy, but soon after the start line, things go narrow and tough.


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A Part-time Minister
Hilltop Fellowship Church, located in Peoria, Illinois, is looking for a part-time minister for young people.
Web Design and Hosting
Economic web design and hosting services available.
Seoul Danny Music
Gospel songs, pop music, and movie sound track are available. Visit our website.

Liturgical Year

(Saturday, 06 January 2018)

Ash Wednesday
(Wednesday, 14 February 2018)

Lent (first Sunday)
(Sunday, 18 February 2018)


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