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NT - The Gospel of Mark (16 Chapters)

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The Gospel of Mark

Reading by Three Chapters



Reading by One Chapter
(Each chapter includes multiple passages with their own themes.)

  1. Mark 1
    (The proclamation of John the Baptist; the Baptism of Jesus; the temptation of Jesus; the beginning of the Galilean ministry; Jesus calls the first disciples; the man with an unclean spirit; Jesus heals many at Simon's house; a preaching tour in Galilee; Jesus cleanses a leper)
  2. Mark 2
    (Jesus heals a paralytic; Jesus calls Levi; the question about fasting; pronouncement about the Sabbath)
  3. Mark 3
    (The man with a withered hand; a multitude at the seaside; Jesus appoints the twelve; Jesus and Beelzebul; the true kindred of Jesus)
  4. Mark 4
    (The parable of the sower; the purpose of the parables; a lamp under a bushel basket; the parable of the growing seed; the parable of the mustard seed; the use of parables; Jesus stills a storm)
  5. Mark 5
    (Jesus heals the Gerasene demoniac; a girl restored to life and a woman  healed)
  6. Mark 6
    (The rejection of Jesus at Nazareth; the mission of the twelve; the death of John the Baptist; feeding the five thousand; Jesus walks on the water; healing the sick in Gennesaret)
  7. Mark 7
    (The tradition of the elders; the Syrophoenician woman's faith; Jesus cures a deaf man)
  8. Mark 8
    (Feeding the four thousand; the demand for a sign; the yeast of the Pharisees and of Herod; Jesus cures a blind man at Bethsaida; Peter's declaration about Jesus; Jesus foretells his death and resurrection)
  9. Mark 9
    (The transfiguration; the coming of Elijah; the healing of a boy with a spirit; Jesus again foretells his death and resurrection; who is the greatest?; another exorcist; temptation to sin)
  10. Mark 10
    (Teaching about divorce; Jesus blesses little children; the rich man; a third time Jesus foretells his death and resurrection; the request of James and John; the healing of blind Bartimaeus)
  11. Mark 11
    (Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem; Jesus curses the fig tree; Jesus cleanses the temple; the lesson from the withered fig tree; Jesus' authority is questioned)
  12. Mark 12
    (The parable of the wicked tenants; the question about paying taxes; the question about the resurrection; the first commandment; the question about David's son; Jesus denounces the Scribes; the widow's offering)
  13. Mark 13
    (The destruction of the temple foretold; persecution foretold; the desolating sacrilege; the coming of the Son of Man; the lesson of the fig tree; the necessity for watchfulness)
  14. Mark 14
    (The plot to kill Jesus; the anointing at Bethany; Judas agrees to betray Jesus; the passover with the disciples; the institution of the Lord's Supper; Peter's denial foretold; Jesus prays in Gethsemane; the betrayal and arrest of Jesus; Jesus before the council; Peter denies Jesus)
  15. Mark 15
    (Jesus before Pilate; Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified; the soldiers mock Jesus; the crucifixion of Jesus; the death of Jesus; the burial of Jesus)
  16. Mark 16
    (The resurrection of Jesus; the shorter ending of Mark; the longer ending of Mark; Jesus appears to two disciples; Jesus commissions the disciples)

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