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Time:02:20:25 AM
Dear Brother/ Sister. 1.   My son  appeared Board exam in March. He has to score good marks 99% cutoff marks for the admission in Engineering college (Physics, chemistry and maths) and get admission in Anna university. my daughter is studying in engineering college.We need money to pay their fees around 25,000 dollars. We are constructing a house also . I have bank jewellery loan as well as house loan around 1 crore rupees.So I have lot of commitments .please pray for us 2.     I am the Head in a school. I am responsible for all board exam appearing children result. Kindly pray for me and my children to get 100% pass in the board exam around 180 children . Kindly pray for them to give victory by God. Especially State fist student in physics  must be my son and my students.Kindly pray for all the children of my section should pass in physics. All my class students and tution students should score very high marks in physics and thereby God has to give fame and praise for me among all the people of the earth. 3.    My daughter is studying ECE in one engineering college. She has lot of competition among all her friends.  Kindly pray for her God has to give her wisdom and knowledge among all the people of the earth as she is doing ministry also along with her studies. God has to teach her time management. she has to score first mark in her internals as well as semester exams.And she has to get 9.8 GP in all her semester exams Thank you